Strong-Finland Oy - "Scandinavian Know-How"

Strong-Finland Oy is focused on developing, manufacturing as well as import and export sales of modern day dust and humidity controlling devices for building construction, renovation and demolishing work sites. On our export sales perspective we are mainly focused on developing and manufacturing dust controlling devices, such as cyclone vacuum cleaners, Hepa H13 filtering based air cleaners (negative pressure devices), and extremely effective impact dryers for small area water damage drying.

In Finland we are also widely known as an import and sales company of the high quality Corroventa dehumidifiers of the Swedish manufacturer Corroventa Avfuktning Ab.

In our product development we have always concentrated on high quality, raw power and efficient usage from end users perspective. On temporary building site central vacuum cleaners we are the largest supplier in Finland, as well as in whole North Europe. Our staff has a long experience on dust controlling and damage controlling bussinesses from the past, and all of us have worked on the field for several years gathering the know-how of making things and devices better.

The staff experience helps us to understand the position our customers are when working on sites, and we can develop more efficient devices together in co-operation.

Finland has one of the most strict policy concerning dust health issues at work sites (asbestos, microbes, fungus, concrete dust (quartz), etc.) which puts us to develop more and more efficient and innovative devices. When devices are rated by the quality and power, Strong devices are the top of the top. In future we will also launch a pantented completely new innovation product range for air cleaning and controlling, which will change the market world wide. This small secret we will reveal piece by piece later on, starting on spring 2014.

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